A Wind Chime made from a Floor Lamp

chimeSo the lamp died after being tripped over one too many times. I tried to fix the cracked bulb housing, but it was one of those things you can’t buy unless you buy a whole new lamp to go with it. As I unscrewed the pieces, they started clanking against one another very musically. My lovely wife suggested that they could be made into a wind chime, and that was all the prodding I needed.

I found some good info online, including this one. I also copied a smaller chime we had at the house. I found the pendulum at Goodwill and cut some hexagons out of scrapwood from the garage.


At this point I’m still playing around with the position of the pendulum, which is why you might notice a trailing end of string. This was the first really breezy day we’ve had in a while, and it made some music, but not a whole lot. I’m thinking of making the string longer to see if that will make the chime more excitable.

lampHere’s a picture of a lamp just like the one I used, except it’s a different color. I think both of these originally came from Target, though the one I just cannabalized was yet another Goodwill find.

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